Female led relationship dating service

Gary has always responded very well to reinforcements and punishments as a way of steering his behavior.while our WLM was going very well compared to the traditional marriage we had the first 11 years of our marriage, it still had a few challenges.It has had a profound and positive effect on Gary’s behavior and obedience.

This book functions as a “tell it like it is” guide about Female Led Relationships (FLR).

The author explains how couples can create a FLR that fits into real life instead of fantasy.

But at heart he is a masculine, but naturally submissive man.

Kathy, on the other hand is a warm, feminine and sexy woman.

That was almost 3 years ago, and now we are both thrilled that we made the decision to bring the elements of a female led relationship into our marriage.

We have continued to expand the specific elements into our wife led marriage and have vastly “stretched” our commitment to it.We deal with problems immediately through domestic discipline, and it has done wonders for the tranquility of our home and our marriage.3) – Why did you feel the FLR dynamic would be best for your relationship, as opposed to the other dynamics?Some of our rules include such things as the area of decision making.Once Kathy has asked Gary for his input, and genuinely considers his position she will make a decision that she feels is best for our marriage and family.Really, the only difference in dynamics of domestic discipline in a FLR or a more traditional arrangement with the male as HOH, is that it appears there is a lot more information available out there on traditional arrangements.

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