Firebird psql updating

Rather than using parameter markers, dynamically construct the SQL statement, using the input actuals as part of the construction process.

back to top of page The purpose is to stop execution of the current block and unwind back to the specified label.

You can intercept this error code with an exception handler, just as with other exceptions.

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There are two types of stored procedure: executable and selectable.

An executable procedure returns no more than one set of variables. This usage is legal, but not recommended, and it is unfortunately an error that even experienced programmers often make.

There is no special syntax: An ordinary GRANT statement is used, but the recipient named in the TO clause is a trigger or procedure, instead of a user or a role.

Similarly, privileges can be revoked from procedures and triggers.

For this reason its range is limited to database operations and necessary functions; PSQL is in itself however a full and powerful language, and offers more functionalities than you can use if you were just sat on the client.

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