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Prosecutors dropped those charges three months later.

That December, Way was charged with driving without a valid license.

"Delaware law and Department of Correction policy strictly prohibit inappropriate relationships between correctional staff and any offender under our supervision, and we promote an environment that urges anyone to report suspicious behavior to our staff," Coupe said.

Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution near New Castle houses about 400 inmates and detainees who cannot post bail. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington to the Baylor prison in June 2014.

Way, 50, has been a correctional officer since 1988 and has been promoted over the years to the post of security superintendent, known as major, of which there are seven in the state.

The only higher ranking officials within Delaware's prisons are eight wardens and nine deputy wardens.

In June 2014, Way was promoted from captain to major and transferred from the Howard R.

The front page of The Sun from November 25th 1977 (above) reports on the removal of the LPs cover from a record shop window in Nottingham by the police, following complaints from a passing bus driver.

The Melody Maker, from March of the same year (below), reports on the Pistols' record company turmoils.

The alleged conduct puts the safety of all our inmates, staff, and visitors at risk, and is made more egregious by implicating a senior member of the security staff.

We cannot comment about the specific facts of this criminal case, which will now make its way through the criminal justice system." Miller said Way's initial suspension was "part of an internal investigation concerning potential violations of Department of Correction policy.

“One day you’re CEO of Exxon,” John said as Rex while breaking a glass in his hand.

“Next day you get fired by a man who used to sell steaks in the mail.” Watch the cold open below!

Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington to the Baylor prison, Miller said.

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