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You will know that when the ability of life form to continue in its present expression is compromised, that life form adapts its expression to allow it to immediately become sustainable again.

It is in this way that life renders itself eternal.

This formula requires that life progress through phases, based on principles of functionality, adaptability, and sustainability.

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It is for this purpose that you have come to this material. The New Cultural Story co-created here by adding your insights and inspirations and heartfelt hopes and dreams for our world will be placed before humanity in a separate book: So what you are reading now is not an ordinary text.

If you are like many others, you have long been asking, “What can I do? This is your gateway to participation in what I am clear could very well be The Conversation of the Century.

This is important to understand during this time, especially, for there are those who have died, and those who will die, during this Overhaul of Humanity, and it is both helpful and healing to know that death is not a process that a life.

We miss their presence here with us—we miss them terribly—but we need not mourn for them.

I get that question a lot, from people in many audiences and many cultures. The soul’s departure from this physical life is never a sadness, but always a joy, whenever and however it happens.

This does not mean, though, that it is a “good idea” to simply exit this physical life.Before this conversation is over I will share with you exactly how do that.And when you communicate with your soul you will understand fully what is going on here—on our planet I mean.Just as it is a joy to leave the physical body, so is it a joy to stay, and if life in the physical is not a joy, it is because we are not looking at it from the perspective of the soul, but rather, trying to figure it out with our mind. It will only make sense, and can only produce long-term, sustained happiness, peace, and joy when embraced from the perspective of the soul.The trick then, if we are not happy in life, is not to leave the body, but to join the soul. Yet most people are not bringing the soul into their daily experience.Now there’s no questioning that the life expression that we call Earth (what some have come to name Gaia) has had its ability to continue in its present expression compromised.

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