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But Poke didn't prove to be anywhere near as popular as Snapchat, and its owner wound up removing it from from the Apple i Tunes apps store in May 2014.

Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for a reported billion in 2013, but Snapchat's founders turned down the offer.

Read this if you need to delete Snapchat conversations, messages and stories.

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Free camera chat for ipod without signup

Many parents worry that Snapchat encourages inappropriate and risky messaging activity because senders think their actions are only temporary.

That said, the app has proven popular with young people who have been sharing millions of photos a day via the simple free app available from Apples i Tunes App store and Google Play.

As of spring 2014, the company said its users were sending 700 million pictures and videos each day via the "self-destructing" messages it calls "snaps."Snapchat is easy to use.

You download the app for free and then sign up for a free account on the opening screen that appears to first time you launch it (the opening Snap chat sign up screen is shown in the image above.) It asks for your email address, birthday and a password which you create. After you provide your email and create a password, on the next screen you'll be invited to create a short user name.

And if your friend does take a screenshot of your picture, you'll get a notice from the app that they did so.

It will appear in your list of snap messaging activity, beside the recipient's name. The app is designed to delete the pictures and videos from the sender's phone after they are viewed.

However, that does not mean the recipient can't make a copy of the file BEFORE viewing it.

And that's an important loophole that people using Snapchat should be aware of, because it essentially means the images users send with the app could be copied by the recipient--provided the recipient is technologically savvy enough to know how to find and copy the file before opening it on their phone.

The initial view is basically a camera icon with a big round blue circle at the bottom.

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