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Free Republic does not advocate or condone racism, violence, rebellion, secession, or an overthrow of the government.Free Republic advocates a return to constitutionally limited government, reserving all government powers not expressly delegated by the constitution to the United States to the States respectively, or the people, emphasizing sovereign state governments, local government, self-government and self-rule, while restricting government powers to only those enumerated in the constitution and maximizing individual rights and liberty as originally envisioned and established by our Founding Fathers and secured and defended by the blood of patriots and statesmen for over two hundred years.We used to post full text of most articles so we could document history as it's being made, but more and more news agencies are now requesting us to post excerpts and links only to their material, and some are requesting that we post no material at all from their sites. Click here for the latest list of copyright requests.

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We own and operate our own servers and our proprietary software was developed and is maintained inhouse.

Free Republic is not a charity or IRS non-profit organization.

Free Republic is not a for profit commercial enterprise in the sense of a traditional business selling a product or service at a profit for its shareholders. Free Republic operates on an approximate $360,000 annual budget (click for breakdown) which includes all equipment costs, bandwidth fees, consulting and labor costs, administrative costs, license fees, insurance, rents, communications costs, office expenses, advertising, travel, professional fees, banking and credit card fees, taxes, etc.

Like most labor intensive organizations, the bulk of our costs are personnel related.

We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. Support Free Republic via our secure server link for Credit Card or Pay Pal. If you need to update your credit card or monthly information, please click on our secure server link for credit card above and submit a new monthly. If you have a Pay Pal monthly and need to change it, please log in to your Pay Pal account to delete your existing Pay Pal subscription and then enter a new one. Over 400,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic since inception in 1996 and our forum is read daily by over one hundred thousand freedom loving citizens and patriots from all around the country, and all around the world. Free Republic is not affiliated with any political party, group, news source, government agency or anyone else. We are a political discussion forum and independent grassroots conservative activist group supported by donations from our readers and participants.

If you have questions about your donation or credit card transaction to Free Republic or need help, please write to Jim Robinson at: [email protected] call and leave a message for Jim Robinson on his cell phone: (559) 273-1400 Thank you very much for your support! We're currently delivering over twenty million pageviews per month to over one million monthly visitors. Free Republic, LLC is a non-commercial, limited liability company founded and operated by Jim Robinson ([email protected]), a private citizen of Fresno California. When and if our participants decide we are no longer needed or viable, we will close down shop and go away.

We have one general manager and webmaster, one systems, programming and computer guru, one programming and management assistant and one bookkeeper/business administrator.

The four of us are all members (partners) of the LLC.

Hi fellow SHC members, Many members love to sing in karaokes, with a live band, in bathrooms, alone or with friends.

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