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After pa...rtying all night, they arrive home and start hooking up right away.

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Affair is another dating site geared towards married men and women.

We once again created a basic free account on the site to search and see if we could uncover any deceptive fraudulent behavior on the part of the web site.

And the saddest part about this is that In section 11 they have a paragraph that states "You release Company from any liability to You in any manner relating to Your interaction or communications with an Ambassador." So they are stating that you cannot come after them legally for the deceptive use of "Ambassadors".

They are trying to scam people but you can't sue them!Once these men find out it's a scam, it's too late since they have given their credit card info to the site.We can prove that the site operates in a fraudulent manner because all the information you need to make your own judgment is available for you to read in section 11 under "Service Features". It specifically states that they use something called "Ambassadors" (fake profiles created by the site owners).This of course means it's time to pay up in order to read any emails you get from the women sending messages to you.Of course we never purchased a membership because we knew there was fraudulent activities going on.All the evidence is in black and white and available to read directly on their site, so there is really not much more to discuss.

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