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Had I just said, “Please don’t have a double life” we could’ve averted this disaster? And at that, I was set on the path of Trust That They Suck. Clearly a man who is concealing staggering debt, mistress(es), and a love child just needs unconditional love and understanding. He just didn’t know Well roll me in flour and call me a biscuit! Anyway, dumped that guy after one visit and got Janet the Good Shrink. Today’s Stupid Shit challenge is about therapy and all the stupid therein.

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The cartoon above is a homage to that guy — a bearded, sweater-vested man, possessing all the gravitas of over-cooked pasta.

I described the discovery of cheating, the death threats, the outburst that cheater would like to “piss on the grave” of his ex-wife’s dead baby for speaking to me.

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Cheater said he considered STD testing “punishment.” And the shrink says NOTHING. At the end of 45 minutes, we get up and he utters one sentence, “You guys need to learn to dialogue.” Wow.

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