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There can sometimes be pictures of minors mixed up in this stuff especially given that most of the adult sites aren't hosted in the US but in the dodgier parts of the globe where they either don't care about the exploitation of women and girls or simply don't have the resources to tackle it.

If this is the case the consequences for the OP could be catastrophic should they ever wish to sell the computer or have it professionally repaired.

Plus, they mentioned that the stuff was 'disturbing' which may mean it could also be illegal in certain regions.

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I personally really like "JKDefrag" it works great and its free as well as CCleaner..... Next, find pgms, like Cyber Sitter or Nannyware types to install if your nephew continues to use the system.

If you have Vista as your OS, fine tune its privileges. for your nephew use, definitely w/o administrator privilege. You can use USB key that has password protection it alone and has to be present to boot the system, remove it the system doesn't boot. tada -----Willy Aside from having unwanted and possibly embarassing pictures on your HD, probably there's nothing to worry about.

As you see from the other posts, this is not an easy task.

Even after you've tried all the excellent suggestions and tools, you can't be really sure you are free of this stuff.

I know all of this from having inherited a computer back in the Win95 days from a friend of a friend of a partner whose son turned out to be a serial porn addict.

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