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We need to have a safe place where the Bible will not be tagged hate speech and the freedom to proclaim present truth will continue.We will not be using public servers as my experience with them is not conducive to a free speech environment either.A few weeks ago I got an email from You Tube saying they are deleting my video titled "US Muslims want Sharia Law that demands Christians MUST DIE!

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But every Christian with eyes that see can tell I only share Biblical truths as well as prophetic facts in all my sermons and videos.

How on earth can a Bible sermon be deemed inappropriate is beyond me; but then these are the last days where this is to be expected.

You have evolved me, been my teachers, been my muses, held me with SO much love and respect, and helped me refine this process over and over again.

I’ve learned SO MUCH from you and I have something STEWING and brewing for you (more details to come! – and needs to downplay the slacker hippie lifestyle of the past few years? Donkey, looking like ORPHAN BLACK’s Alison Hendrix and currently in Rancho Valencia, a luxury spa and resort near San Diego, has been reunited with her childhood bestie Natasha.

The Caterwauler, fresh off her NYTimes triumph, is “feeling called” to offer Free Your Voice vocal lessons via FB.

The global player notes the connection between sexual trauma and dysfunction with one’s vocal chords and is bravely mediating to heal the pain: Hey Loves!After 4 AMAZING years guiding Free Your Voice, I’m feeling some big shifts coming on in how I’m allocating my time.I’m going to be creating a virtual recorded version that is more affordable and available anytime ❤ I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the most badass women I know, and watch them step into their power & vulnerability, exercise their creativity, claim deeper levels of their purpose, claim the safe space to heal aspects of the wounded feminine, embody their courage & abandon their comfort zone, and take audacious steps towards healing their lineage on behalf of their mothers, grandmothers and beyond.Many ISP's are now blocking and even deleting Remnantof emails.(Just so you know, I do not sell anything and I certainly don't SPAM anyone.)With all that's happening around the world with FREE SPEECH laws being "discussed" I figured it's time to start compiling things.So, this is the result of stuffing a M-powered V8 under the hood of the tiny 135i. On a personal note, cars are so much more than numbers and raw performance.

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