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He mentioned ever since he got married he had many women wanting to fool around on the side.

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I pulled the teddy all the way off so I could have full access to her.

I bent down and began to lick that sweet pussy that was already wet.

A few months ago I was visiting a friend for the weekend.

His wife was out-of-town and I drove up from Nashville to visit.

The night I arrived at my friend’s house we went on his computer so he could show me her pic.

She was an attractive brunette in her 30’s with a fine body and face.

Okay I should probably tell you that I’ve been watching his house for a few days. Looked almost like a poster boy for a roids campaign, but with how he faithfully got up every morning to run and seemed to disappear in the early evenings only to come back sweaty and in need of a shower made me think he had no preservatives added. I leaned in to look through the telescope and was brought short. The Beauty swayed this way and that, turning and slowly bending at the waist to slide her panties down her shapely legs, giving him what I was sure was an excellent view of her toned ass.

Not only that, but all his friends seemed to have that same look! My eyes opened wider as I watched this extremely beautiful, and mostly naked, (save for a bra and panties and what looked to be a pair of black patent leather high heels) woman standing at the foot of his bed, she slowly swayed back and forth moving her body to some tune that I couldn’t hear. I leaned back a moment and made sure the lens was clean before I brought my eye back to the viewfinder.

I was concerned that she was married and she informed me her husband has agreed to leave the house for the night so she could have uninhibited fun.

I asked her what she wanted and she said it was a fantasy of hers to have two men.

She lived about 30 miles away and we called her from the cell telling her she was on her way.

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