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Jaymes: "Happy Birthday to the only guy I know who is a bigger spaz than me @jonathandbennett. It becomes about looks and clothes and cars and the neighborhood you live in. They couldn't be more out as a couple based on their posts. The fact that these people are living a gay life, getting married, etc., but simply DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE to say the words, is very disturbing. I liked Brandon Flynn's matter of fact coming out via IG when he claimed membership of the LGBT community. It may be no less calculated but it reads as much more chill.It is a reclamation of everything they missed out on during their teenage years. Must they literally caption "we are gay and we are a couple" for it to be confirmed? I expect he'll try to do a version of what Luke Evans has done recently - it will be mentioned in passing by the writer in an interview but not be a topic of discussion between the interviewer and subject. As if saying "I'm gay" is the worst thing in the world. When I'd see those "I'm Gay" covers of People or whatever magazine, it made me feel like the subject was being exhibited like a zoo animal.Unless we live alone and never step outdoors, we ALL are in the public eye to some degree - at the workplace, etc.

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It's people like the author who are celebrity obsessed and needs to get over it and would never tell anyone but a celebrity that they have a "responsibility" to come out.

I came out to my parents (twice), first when I was 12 and then again when I was 18. I didn't tell everyone at the workplace until my mid-20s because of the nature of my work and people acting "uncomfortable" with it and making homophobic comments.

And you're not from a generation where gay men come out to the entire world as teens. You're making ridiculous observations and comparisons. You just don't see them.(c) NO ONE says it's irrelevant or unimportant that Bennett is out.

The question is whether it has to be on your personal timetable.

Cady sold out her gay friends to be friends with popular breeder bitches, and she suffered because of it. Not two intellectuals, but well suited for each other and a good physical match.

Message: gay friends are better than str8 friends because gay people are inherently superior. I take it this is what is meant by "glass closet"Bennett has not issues a press release but even Helen Keller can tell he's dating Vaughan and seemingly in love. Does Bennett have the kind of fantards who feel they need to defend their idol from all those terrible accusations of being a gay sodomite?

I quit that job and have been out at work ever since. But I don't care about minor celebrities coming out.

I also do not think they have a "responsibility" to do it. And if we're serious that they should do it on their own time, people like you, who criticize them for waiting until they're old (at 36), should stick with that principle.

And just like those mean kids back in high school, they do it because at their core they are just insecure and worried about being on the outside. It hits select theaters tomorrow July 7th and stars the talented Anthony Rapp, Alyson Hannigan, Thomas Dekker , and many other talented actors. 15 years later I still am doing what I love doing in a city that I call home I am grateful that I get to do what I love. They were quite the item for a while, and I remember their relationship was detailed in Soap Opera Digest. If straight couples don't have to announce "Hey, I'm straight", then why should gay couples? Actions speak louder than words and Jonathan and jaymes have been loudly declaring they are together.

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