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Some norebangs have girls on site, some girls don't do 2 Cha, but you will be asked ahead of time what you're looking for. Service can vary, but generally service is better than full salons or massage parlors because the girls have max 4 customers per night.

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On the upper end of that price range are Ten Pro (10%) salons, which claim they have the hottest 10 percent of girls in the industry. I am not aware of any cheap or expensive room salons that allow foreigners for 2 cha.

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Whiskey "talk" Bars No sex, hot girls just sit with you and drink whiskey with you.

Some places will charge 50 bucks to have the girl sit with you, some places will not.Some places will let you have another choice selection, but you'll have to wait a while, as they call the girls in from an agency.You drink with the girls and sing with them, for about 2 hours. You can choose not to go to "2 Cha" (the sex), and it will be cheaper.If you're a party of three, they will bring in 3 at a time for you to choose.Somebody usually has to take one for the team and pick the ugly one.The better ones will have a girl lick your whole body, rub bodies with oil, lick your ass (don't knock it till youve tried it), and suck you off. Some of the skilled ones simulate cowgirl but instead of penetration they wrap a fist around your manhood. The service is usually good and they aren't in a rush to get the act over with, as they want repeat customers (more money for them). Full Salons Are basically high volume Room Salons, usually attached to a motel.

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