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I saw stars when I finally came and I came alot 4,5,6...7 long ropes of cum down her throat but I wanted to mark her as my pet, my fuck toy, my cum slut so I pulled out of that warm tight throat to finish on her face.Two long thick ropes of cum hit her in the forehead and cheek.

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Since I work from home I know most of my neighbors schedules and the boys mother would head out around 8am and not return until 7 or 8pm! 'Yes Daddy, I have a friend like me and we practice on each other.' 'Well now you'll practice on me.

It being summer the boy would have the place to himself all day! On your knees slut, show me what you've learned so far'!

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'Does your friend have a cock as long and as thick as mine?

' She took her time coming off my cock like she was afraid she'd never get it back.on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.About two months ago a woman and her son moved into the vacant apartment next to mine.When she finally released my wet cock, she did so with an audible pop!'No daddy, your cock is twice as long and three times as thick! 'But I have a dildo thats the same size just not as thick.' She said with obvious admiration as she couldn't take her eyes off my cock meat.Breathing heavy with my cum running down her face she couldn't have looked more beautiful.

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