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Resolving Discrimination and Harassment Guide The Commission has produced a guide for people who are considering either making or responding to a complaint of discrimination or harassment.

One of the Commission’s roles is to answer questions from the public about discrimination and harassment.

If you believe you have a complaint about discrimination, please contact us.

You can do this by phone, email, letter, fax, text or use our complaint form.

Our complaints process is flexible, free and confidential.

We work with you to try and resolve the issue through informal methods, like phoning the other party, giving information or through mediation.

If a complaint isn’t resolved through our processes, you can take your complaint to the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

This is an independent judicial body (court) that makes decisions on claims brought before it.

Do you want to use a parent unit or your own smartphone or tablet? But if the wi-fi connection isn’t good where you are (for example, when you’re on holiday), then this won’t be good either.

If you go for a parent unit, do you want it to be able to withstand drops? Buy now If you’re a fan of movement sensor pads, this one works well (except on a memory foam mattress).

Help with complaints for people with a hearing or speech impediment If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us using the New Zealand Relay Service.

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