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I do not reload, having been content to purchase 12 gauge boxes of shells for skeet at .00 to .00 each. But for the roughly .00--.00 per box, I don't think a detailed financial analysis is needed! The components to load 28ga cost more than that (using premium, name brand components), NOT including the cost of the hulls you have to buy (or scavenge).But the prospect of using my 28 gauge RBL for skeet is beckoning. Also doesn't factor into the mix the cost of the loader, what your time and aggravation are worth, ect.

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Yet buying factory fodder in 28 gauge is prohibitively expensive. If it saves to reload in this size shell, what machine is what to do for a casual shooter? In all likelihood, I will be buying factory 28ga for this years registered season as soon as the rebate comes back.

BP Agree with BP, using reasonably up-to-date prices you should be at #3.00-3.50 per box, the lower assumes you buy fact ammo as a hull source and don't charge yourself for the hull, nor does it include amortization of a loader, scales, and etc. Take out $20 for the rebate (which should be back on-line in the next couple months), another $37.50 for the hulls (250 hulls @ 15c/ea), and your down to $32.50 per flat, or $3.25/box.

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