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The way in which the national events are celebrated also varies from place to place.

Most festivities are of religious base, mainly Catholic.

Many Spanish people make an evening of hopping from bar to bar trying different tapas. Spain is famous for its fish delicacies and simply must be sampled, especially if you get to coastal areas.

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The majority of Spanish sparkling wines are sweet and fruity and even the inexpensive supermarket wines have an important place in the wine culture. Cafe solo is served in small cups and is a black coffee, very strong and thick. Spaniards also drink a great deal of bottled water.

There are two types, con gas is fizzy water and sin gas is still water All Spanish towns and cities have their own special celebrations, as well as the national holidays such as Christmas, Easter Week, All Saints Day etc.

They have adapted to the weather and play hard too.

It is quite common for life to begin when the sun goes down, especially in the summer.

Tapas are small dishes of snacks which are served anytime especially in small bars.

They cover all types of foods from seafood to vegetables.

It is unclear what the Spanish think of scantily clad holiday-makers but it is not acceptable in small villages, away from the coast.

One should be particularly careful of dress code if entering churches. etc as well as some local shops that sell high quality clothing.

In general, Spanish people are hard-working but they do know how to enjoy their free time.

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