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He became the first Japanese artist to release his music catalog on i Tunes in October 2007.Besides the modern entertainment industry, his music has been used as theme songs for various video games, anime films and television series.

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The name given to him at birth is unknown, and you'll probably hear a lot of rumors about it. Because Japanese names are written opposite of English names, his last name is Camui and his first name is Gackt. He speaks Japanese, English, French, Mandarin, and probably a lot of other languages. Moon Child is available overseas if you would like to check it out.

"Camui Gackt" is a stage name or, well really, the name everyone refers to him by. Gackt was born in Okinawa, Japan, with a mixed ethnic background, but the large majority being Japanese. Gackt most recently starred in the movie "Moon Child", and was quite good for the character he portrayed.

Although he tries not to smile or laugh too much, Gackt is always saying the funniest things, sometimes without even the intention to do so. You may also see him described as a JPop (Japanese Pop) singer. He is a solo artist along with his bandmates, of whom are referred to as ' Gackt JOB'.

Gackt's personality, at least in the public eye, is always a funny sight to see. Although Gackt's music spans a variety of styles, I will call him a JRock singer because I can. Gackt writes and composes his music, as well as plays such instruments as the piano, guitar, drums, trombone, trumpet, bass, and tuba, although he really only plays piano and guitar on stage.

(We haven't caught him exclaiming "Ore sama no bigi ni yoi na~" yet.) The most common way people who stalk follow Gackt online is 'a dork'.

Although Gackt is very talented and very popular, he never seems to take himself too seriously. Now, you're probably sitting there going "OK, now, what does this individual do?

They were sighted on what suspiciously sounds like a date, and photographed.

The couple apparently went to a fancy French restaurant, where they ate food and drank wine for 3 hours.

"What a stupid name." you thought to yourself, and, with nothing else to do, you click on it. However, he's always willing to try anything once, even when it makes him look like a complete fool.

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