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He wasn’t awkward when I teared up after a hard week.

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We find comfort in labeling our experiences and the experiences of others so that we can process where we fit into society.

As comforting and confirming as labels can be, they are also limiting and often lead to a hierarchy of “better” and “worse” options.

What do you do when your community only accepts half of who you are?

As if relationships weren’t difficult enough to navigate already, I can’t seem to figure out how to navigate the intersection of my identity with potential partners—everything tends to come to a screeching halt when I mention being trans.

Being marginalized in one way is enough, without adding an additional identity that can make a person feel deeply overwhelmed.

Let’s discuss why this is—and some possibilities for navigating it successfully.

As queer people, we are already marginalized and put down for our sexuality and desires by far too many in society.

Let’s agree to instead embrace what we like, label it if we choose, and celebrate whatever works best for each individual.

Dear Multifaceted Marvel, Thank you for offering such a profound and important question that we certainly don’t talk enough about as a community.

You are definitely not alone in your pondering of how to navigate more than one queer identity.

Like dogs or cats (and chocolate or vanilla), people love to pick sides and stick to them like glue.

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