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He thinks it’s important for straight men to acknowledge the differences.

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Robert Garfield, 70, a straight man who wrote the book “Breaking the Male Code: Unlocking the Power of Friendship.” The two lecture together on the negative effects of homophobia on straight and gay males.“My relationship with Michael, and with other gay men, is wonderful for me,” Dr. “With heterosexual male friends, sometimes a subject comes up that will require a particular allegiance to what guys are expected to say and do. It’s nice not to have to listen to a chorus of people who feel compelled to act the same way.”For gay men, Mr.

La Sala said: “friendships with straight men can be very healing.

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — “The Cakemaker” has been one of the more successful indie films on the international festival circuit over the past year. The story begins in Berlin, where Thomas (German actor Tim Kalkhof) is the owner of a small cake and pastry cafe.

Its recipe: a secret gay Israeli-German love affair, a tragic death and another secret affair — between a straight woman and a gay man. Among his most loyal customers is an Israeli businessman, Oren, whose job takes him frequently to the German capital.

The young German checks with Oren’s office and learns that he was killed in an auto accident.

(This and what’s below is all revealed in the trailer, if you’re worried about spoilers.) Distraught, but determined to learn more about his dead lover, Thomas flies to Israel and tracks down the restaurant run by Oren’s widow, portrayed by the talented Israeli actress Sarah Adler.“If I’m walking down the street with this young, straight guy I know, and he sees a guy look at me, he’ll say, ‘Go get him! “They’re all part of an often male culture that young gay guys feel part of, too.”For men of an older generation, there is more distrust to surmount.“Our traditional way of thinking of relationships with gay and straight men is that they are hostile, even bullying,” said Michael La Sala, 57, the author of “Coming Out, Coming Home: Helping Families Adjust to a Gay or Lesbian Child.” “For that reason, gay men have traditionally not felt comfortable in these relationships.”Mr.By contrast, the last season of “Scream Queens” found the hunky Nick Jonas presenting himself as a gay frat boy who bonds over golf with his straight fraternity brother and best friend, Chad. liaison for the district’s public schools, said the changes in relationships between straight and gay men have been so rapid that he sees a significant difference just since he graduated from high school.In the recent documentary “Strike a Pose,” about Madonna’s dance troupe from her “Blond Ambition” tour, a key plotline traces the arc of the lone straight dancer from homophobe to a man who becomes emotionally liberated by his many gay friends. One of his greatest obstacles in coming out, he said, was something he thinks many gay men share: “the intense fear of losing those masculine friendships we have had.”As it happened, the main impetus for Mr.“Some of us who are white are rightfully accused of being ‘colorblind,’” Mr. “There’s an equivalent for straight men who can be ‘culture blind.’”Sometimes there is dissonance when one friend finds himself in a group dominated by those of another orientation, rather than connecting one to one.

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