Geeks guide dating pdf history dating back to 1773

What tech did we discover we couldn’t live without — and what do we wish we had left at home? Part of the fun of a vacation is the expectation, and that’s where good guide books come into play.

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Geeks guide dating pdf

That thinking itself is old-fashioned as high-speed rail service in Europe continues to expand: for example, Germany has ICE, France has TGV, and Spain has AVE.

Not only do these high-tech locomotives beat the choo-choos of yesteryear, they also compete with airlines once you factor in recommended airport arrival times.

While promising only 2G speeds, we were surprised to see our connections in Spain at 3G and 4G rates.

Other carriers also sell short-term international data packages that should be part of your prep research, though I’ve found T-Mobile’s program to be the most generous.

If data roaming overseas is a concern, check the app settings to upload images only when you’re on Wi Fi. This is an ongoing technological annoyance, so much so that I use my chip-and-PIN ATM card right after landing to take out enough Euros to use whenever I face an automated ticketing machine. Relying on a smartphone for nearly every purpose paper used to serve is possible, but battery life is the limiting factor.

I candidly found turn-by-turn walking directions in Google Maps weren’t worth the battery suck, and I had to ride herd on ill-behaved apps that kept drinking juice after I thought I’d closed them (that means you, Accu Weather, as my Samsung’s Device Maintenance app often told me).Another power-saving approach is to keep your phone in airplane mode even when you’re on the ground, only turning on Wi Fi or cellular data when you need real-time connectivity.That’s why having offline language dictionaries and audio tours is useful. Some apps sound great, but just don’t work well on the road.I like Rick Steves Audio Europe because its city walking tours are easy to navigate, work well offline, and are free. If you are taking most of your images with a smartphone instead of a dedicated camera, make sure whatever photo storage service you use is set to automatically back up your snaps, just in case. chip-and-signature credit card will work in Europe.I used Amazon’s Prime Photos, which includes limited free photo storage for Amazon customers, and unlimited for Prime subscribers. No, it won’t always work where you want it to, such as in automated subway or other ticket machines, which expect a PIN and not a signature to complete the transaction.) if you cluster shortcuts to all of your travel apps together in a folder group or on a separate screen.

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