Gelila dating tyler perry

She has been supporting numerous charity works as a philanthropist and spends most of her time working to help the people of the third world nations by uplifting their living standards. She is an active activist for ‘Charity: water’ and other numerous projects that help people in need around the world. She has a social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a model, she has graced the covers of prominent magazines like Essence, Allure, and Marie Claire.

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Gelila gives much of her time to helping Girls in Ethiopia about Education and Clean Water.

A humanitarian, social activist, model, writer, and filmmaker; the pulchritudinous Ethiopian Gelila Bekele, is a perfect blend of beauty, brains, and social responsibility.

I am a Christian, I am a believer, and I know had I not been a person of faith, I couldn't be here in this place, and I wouldn't be walking the path that I'm on now.

And I think the greater good of the path I'm on now is to teach people to learn to forgive and move on, in a way that's done through the healing power of humor."Just over a week ago news broke that Bekele is seven months pregnant and is expecting a boy.

As of now, Gelila Bekele's net worth is estimated to be around $400 thousand.

As she is still active in this industry, no doubt that her net worth will go higher in coming days.She has done modeling for a different fashion line and brands through which she obtains a good sum of money.Moreover, she penned a book named Guzo and also adds her net worth from her endorsements deals.She has been involved in a relationship with Tyler Perry, an American actor since 2007.Although not married, the couple has a child, a boy from the relationship.She spends time between Europe and the United States.

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