Sexcam xxx - Geologic dating lesson

This is based largely upon radiometric dating of meteorites.

There have been many significant events on Earth over the last few billion years.

Make sure students remember (circulate, remind) that they took summary notes so that they have the information needed to respond to these questions.

Otherwise building their use of summary notes lacks purpose and meaning.

Scientists study rocks and fossils to date these major events in Earth's history.

An example of the geologic time scale is shown below.

Fossil evidence is poorly preserved for the Precambrian.

This is partly because of the natural recycling of rocks though the rock cycle.

Geologic time is vast, so simply dividing into years isn't very useful.

Instead, the geologic time scale has been divided into units of time based on significant changes in lifeforms or geologic events.

Understanding geologic time is significant because it helps us understand the evolution of organisms over time.

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