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I've never played a game like this before the game shows up and the game is really fun to play.It makes me laugh because of the funny-looking characters and friendly people that says funny things throughout the game, though there are NOOBS in the game.

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Getamped 2 updating configuration

I say you'd better try it, it's fun and is a great stress relief, but be prepared to spend some money on it~~ ============================================================================= [Ctr] Controls ============================================================================= The controls are simple, and you can change them in the settings menu.

Anyway here are the controls, tada~~~ arrow keys : walk, press twice then hold to run z : target x : attack 2 (more damage)(may be chained for combo) c : attack 1 (less damage)(may be chained for combo) v : jump xc / f : block zxc : special attack you can attack while running and jumping, resulting in a different attack move.

version 0.01 Started the guide with basic info about the styles, maps, and a few of the items (WAY too many items to finish in one go).

============================================================================= [Lgl] LEGAL STUFF ============================================================================= FIRST, you may not copy or use this file without my permision.

I have just downloaded and installed firefox on my windows 7 computer. When I try to launch Firefox I get this dialog box.

Configuration Error - Failed to read the configuration file. I have just downloaded and installed firefox on my windows 7 computer. When I try to launch Firefox I get this dialog box.

Check for the presence of a file in the Firefox program folder to initialize some prefs.

If you have files apart from the file, that sets, in the defaults\pref folder then open this file in an editor like Notepad and please post its content. There shouldn't be a file present unless you've created it yourself to initialize some prefs. And not quite knowing what to look for I do have quite a number of files and they reside in /Desktop/Old Firefox Data/om9pictp.default/ Prefs.js; ;user.js; and about 30 more files. thanks You need to look in the Firefox program folder.

NO ONE and UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES except you asked me about it first.

If you want to use this guide, please let me know by sending me an e-mail at [email protected], only these websites may host this guide: 1. also i would be happy if any official amped sites would like to use this guide ============================================================================= [Int] Introduction ============================================================================= Hi, welcome to my first FAQ.

Uninstall Firefox from your computer After, reboot the computer. I found an archived response that said to remove your current Firefox (Not the profiles), then re-install the current version.

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