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Now click on the Ziost Archive Data Cartridge (1227, –87) to receive a second Fragmented Archive Log File.

Go to Ziost Archive Maintenance Droid located at (1193, 372) to receive the codex entry.

Galactic History 95: A Cold War Begins Info taken from Agripp AA on reddit.

Click on the Ziost Archivist’s Datapad at (1027, 487) to receive a Fragmented Archive Log File.

Killing each grant an achievement and killing all four grant the Legacy title: Surveillance Smasher.

Use this map of the droid spawn locations to help you track them down.

And let me tell you: hearing some of my friends’ horror stories, whether from online dating or the bar scene is an eye-opening experience about men’s behavior when it comes to trying to get laid.

we’re supposed to be desiring; someone whose preference deviates from the culturally defined standards of beauty is less of a man.

You also need to have done the story missions in the previous area to unlock these dallies.

Recovered the lost fragments of Galactic History from the Ziost Archive remnants.

As a result: what we’re very much – and then shame them for letting us fuck them.

We’re supposed to treat women as the obstacle in getting what we want, which is access to their bodies, to pride ourselves in being masterful lovers and desirable seducers, but to pay less concern to women’s desires except in as much as it lets us get our nuts off.

If there isn’t one, you need to head to the walker located at(574, –45) and click on the exposed Walker wiring.

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