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The English destroyed the town and its port facilities prior to their departure in 1684. In 1828, Great Britain blockaded the port in retaliation for piracy.

Under Moulay Ismail the city was reconstructed to some extent, but it gradually declined until, by 1810, the population was no more than 5,000. It was bombarded by the French Prince of Joinville in 1844.

The city is currently undergoing rapid development and modernisation.

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It is believed that Hercules slept there before attempting one of his twelve labours.

The commercial town of Tingi (Τιγγίς in Ancient Greek) came under Roman rule during the 2nd century BC (146 BC).

The mole cost £340,000 and reached 1,436 feet (438 m) long, before being blown up during the evacuation.

An attempt of Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco to seize the town in 1679 was unsuccessful; but a crippling blockade by his Jaysh al-Rifi ultimately forced the English to withdraw.

Italian revolutionary hero Giuseppe Garibaldi lived in exile at Tangier in late 1849 and the first half of 1850, following the fall of the revolutionary Roman Republic.

Tangier's geographic location made it a centre for European diplomatic and commercial rivalry in Morocco in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It was initially autonomous, and then, under Augustus, became a colony (Colonia Julia, under Claudius) and capital of Mauritania Tingitana of Hispania (since 38 BC).

It was the scene of the martyrdoms of Saint Marcellus of Tangier.

Between the period of being a strategic Berber town and then a Phoenician trading centre to the independence era around the 1950s, Tangier was a nexus for many cultures.

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