Casual dating nude pics - Girl dating site loves cats

They may be ignorant about their situation, or generally unaware of their situation.

People who are aware of it are not normally considered cat ladies.

Online dating was also in its initial stages, and mainstream sites were getting a lot of attention.

Turns out the domain name was available, so Sonny bought it and immediately knew he had something amazing in his hands. “I knew this could be something very big.” And he was right.

“It was really, pardon the pun, too ‘purrfect’ of a name not to be taken. Since then, Purrsonals has been successfully filling that void in the dating space.

As cat owners themselves, Sonny and Joan completely understand where you’re coming from, which is why they created

The first dating site of its kind, Purrsonals unites cat lovers from around the world for lifelong friendships, quality dates, and, most importantly, everlasting love.

And even with thousands of members — and more signing up every day — Sonny and Joan take the time to review and verify every user to ensure the experience is safe, fun, and fruitful for all.

“We screen every person joining to keep it enjoyable for everyone,” he said.“With people getting older and becoming empty-nesters, they are caring more about their pets,” Sonny said.But isn’t just for seniors or empty-nesters — it’s great for cat lovers of all ages.“Where cat lovers greet and meet,” is the #1 dating site for finding a fellow felinophile. households own a cat, according to the 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey.And with a secure screening process, easy-to-use chat features, member-generated blog posts, and the latest in cat news, Purrsonals is also a go-to social networking platform for making like-minded friends, sharing personal stories, and reveling in all things cats. But while feline fanatics do make up a significant portion of the population, it can often be difficult to find that special someone who equally shares your passion — most dating sites don’t focus on that as a matching priority.Singles are thankful for the personalized dating help, and felinophiles overall are grateful to have a place to call their own where they can be themselves.

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