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As girls, we can be intimidated by asking a guy out, but being upfront and confident is always sexy. It’s still easy to meet guys thanks to student clubs, sports teams, and other extracurricular groups.

Odds are that you’ll want to start writing for your college newspaper, or maybe you’ll want to try your hand at juggling – either way, there are countless different groups for you to join, and freshman year is the perfect time to do so!

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Even if that first date with him doesn’t work out, you at least found a group where you can do something you enjoy (and possibly where you can meet other guys who love dancing, foreign films, or kayaking just as much as you do).

What’s most important to keep in mind about freshman year is that as a freshman, you should experience that the college dating scene has to offer.

Forget about first exams and getting to know your randomly picked roommates…one of the most intimidating things to navigate as a newly enrolled freshman collegiette is the on-campus dating scene.

In high school, it was easy to meet guys who already lived in your hometown. How do you avoid being dismissed by them as just another frat party-hopping freshman girl?

But in college, the dating rules are different, and it’s not always so easy to meet guys. We’ve asked girls and guys across the country about the first-year college dating scene to bring you this tell-all guide on how to meet guys as a freshman girl freshman).

Maybe it was his slick dance moves or his mad flip-cup skills, but whatever it was, it’s thrown you head over heels for this Campus Cutie. Katie King from Western Michigan University says that steering clear of the row upon row of frat houses and opting instead to hit up house parties can be a great way to meet older college guys and stand out from crowds of freshman girls.“I would always go down to my dorm's common room, no matter what the hour! “It was rarely ever empty, and def a hot spot on Friday and Saturday nights after everyone had finished partying, but didn't want to go to bed yet!” The great thing about dorms – and especially dorm lounges – is that there is always something happening right down the hall, whether a group of your guy hallmates are watching a movie or playing a video game (in which case, you can show off your mad gaming skills at Mario Kart playing as Yoshi)!Amelia* from the University of Michigan says that even waiting in between classes can be a perfect time to approach guys.“I would grab a quick bite to eat in between classes sometimes and random guys would come sit by me,” she says.Joining as many social organizations as you can is the best way to meet guys who already share the same interests as you.

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