Glee finn and rachel start dating

" Puck gave his former best friend another smirk before walking quickly back into the music room to sit next to Rachel, his arm on the back of her chair as the two exchanged smiles that were almost shy.Santana sat next to Brittany with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.

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And then Finn wanted to be a couple with Rachel again, and Rachel told Finn about the Puck kisses because she wanted to be honest, so then Finn broke up with Rachel for forever because he was so hurt by her cheating on him... So they must have been kissing more than just at the booth. "I must state that I am quite surprised by what I accidently overheard.

Finn shifted nervously from foot to foot, still holding on to Quinn's hand tightly. So, Quinn cheated on Sam, with Finn, who she cheated on with Puck... While at one time, it might have been heartening to know, Finn, that you were concerned about my friendship with Noah and how it might negatively impact our romance, that is no longer the case.

The fact that I have continually begged you to take me back is appallingly disgusting.

Now, after hearing what you said to Noah, there is no way we could ever be together again.""And as for you!

While Rachel Berry was probably never going to be their favorite person, even they knew she deserved better than that."Dude, and you think I treat chicks bad? All my sexipades partners knew it was just for fun and not to expect anything else." Everyone nodded in agreement at Puck's words."That's really harsh, man.

Not cool." Artie's words seemed to sum up the room's thoughts on the matter, and Brittany smiled at him before she continued voicing her thoughts."Yeah, Rachel, I don't think the Cheerios ever did anything that mean to you..." Puck quickly wiped the smirk off his face as Rachel turned her rant in his direction."While I can certainly understand your wish to make things right between you and your long time friend, there are limits!", last year, Quinn slept with Puck, even though she was dating Finn and he was dating Santana..."Santana interrupted, muttering,"Thank you for remembering that, Britt, that part always seems to be left out."Brittany nodded once at San with a smile before her face became puzzled again.", Quinn cheated on Finn because she was upset that he was spending more time with Rachel..then Quinn told Finn that he was going to be a daddy even though they had never had sex...Quinn knew that actions had consequences, but she kissed Finn anyway. I'm confused..." Brittany's voice broke the silence, and her fellow Gleeks turned to look at her instead of Finn and Quinn just inside the doorway, holding hands.

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