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His campaign to highlight how the Chavez clan has enriched itself has plenty of sympathisers in Barinas, a poor town which sits humid agricultural plains 300 miles southwest of Caracas in one of Venezuela's regions.

A common discussion among experienced handgunners with a safe full of handguns is the carry of an expensive handgun versus a more affordable, but utilitarian, pistol.

As an example one shooter may have a Gold Cup in the safe but carries a Glock 19.

"The family is here with you", proclaimed eldest son Adan, who is the governor of Barinas state.

"Nicolas Maduro can be ratified before the Venezuelan people and continue the Bolivarian revolution".

If Mr Maduro, as polls predict, wins Sunday's election, the Chavez family, which has members spread throughout all branches of the Venezuelan government, is unlikely to be called to account for its conspicuous affluence any time soon.

The second of seven children, Hugo Chavez's stellar career brought fame and power to his family."My daughter goes to school with the Chavez kids", he explained."She told me that the school dining hall has waiting staff to serve and clean up after the kids".In my experience, if the case is clear, the handgun is returned quickly—if it is taken at all.If you have a bad shooting on your hands, the loss of a handgun is the least of your concerns.When your life is on the line, I believe the investment should not be taken lightly.

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