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My young brothers, truth be told, most teenage guys just don’t understand manscaping.

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If you let her walk all over you simply because you’re desperate for her to like you, the you’ve already lost her.

Being nice won’t buy her respect, but standing up for yourself will. He’s going to make a really good friend.”The Lesson: You can’t simply “super-size” how nice you are and expect she’s going to suddenly choose to become attracted to you.

Now, I am no teenage grooming mastermind, but I’ve had my fair share of shaving mishaps along the way, which have […] What’s one thing all men must face and cannot be avoided at any cost? Secondly, you will see an epitaph, a name, and a date.

Reason 9: When you’re busy asking her, “Should I pick you up? Learn to make decisions, learn to surprise her, and finally stop asking for her permission and approval.

You knew how important this was for me, it’s my god damn birthday!

Why didn’t you make the reservations, you fucking idiot!? oh man, I promise I really WILL make it up to you..

During the Reformation, men’s values were put on trial before audiences to discuss and debate.

The power of communication has the power to influence […] Virtue Signaling Men are another variation of the Nice Guy.

“Squad Goals” is a bit outdated (2015), but it shouldn’t be. I realized my […] Throughout history the minds of men have been shaped through those with gifts of communication and debate.

Greek men stood on soap boxes in Corinth and spoke philosophy during the 1st Century.

”The Lesson: Stop trying to handle her with kitten gloves, stop following her around like a lost puppy dog, and learn to LEAD your dates.

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