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Of course, it's there where I met the woman who would become my fiancée as Tablesaw.

user=Tablesaw And before the NPL, I was on IFmud as Tablesaw.

Again, an online space that translated into "real life" friends who call me Tablesaw.

But before we dicsuss theory, let's get to the links, shall we?

Dreamwidth is essentially my current base of operations on the Internet, where I am Tablesaw.

As they say in the legal profession, the documents responsive to your request are already in your custody and control.

I can't tell you how to look into the history of my e-mail account, or my web history account (which I've also used since it was brought online). Though I can show you the place where I've been using a Google social service under the name Tablesaw for four years.

As far as I can tell, my two common names are also nicknames (since neither is, obviously, the name that my local government rigorously identifies me as).

Now, I can see how helpful it is to have that other name in my nickname field, locked down under security so that only people whom I choose can see it, but beyond that, I don't see what your problem is with which common name I've placed where.

I'm not sure; it's possible that my profile was reinstated and then re-rejected before anyone could see it.

But I'm a little concerned that my last appeal, and the carefully considered words I sent you have been wiped clean from the last time.

In other words, the social network that revolves around me as Tablesaw is far more valuable than the one that revolves around me as my other common name.

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