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The Gottmans suggest that when our heartrate escalates to 100 beats per minutes or higher (or, for athletes, 80 beats per minute or higher), we are in a state of Diffuse Physiological Arousal (DPA) and cannot adequately hear our partner or respond to them effectively.To gauge this, we can put a finger on our wrist or carotid artery (found below the jaw on the side of the neck), count our pulse for 15 seconds, and multiple by four.

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Gottman validating communication

This isn’t always feasible in the midst of an intense discussion, but it’s possible more often than you might expect.

Doing so also gives you a chance to pause, which is often helpful in and of itself.

: Using a Gentle Start-Up, in which we discuss our feelings and then state a positive need.

For instance, “When you come home in the evening and talk only about your day, I feel sad and as if I don’t matter.

For example, “You are such a slob” or “You only think about yourself.” Such criticism does not generally lead to a constructive response by the recipient, who probably feels quite threatened at this moment and may become defensive.

The general result is that neither you nor your partner feel heard or appreciated.They prefer to establish crisp and well-delineated boundaries and prize independent functioning.They tend to be distinctly separate people, with decidedly separate concerns.A note – validating does not necessarily mean that you agree, but that you understand your partner’s point of view.Horseman #3: Contempt, in which we imply by either our words or nonverbal behavior that we feel superior to our partner.John and Julie Gottman, psychotherapists who developed the Gottman Method of couples therapy, claim that they can predict with 93% accuracy if a married couple will still be married five years down the line.

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