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However, it is not certain whether this is due to the power delivery a charge boosts signal strength or as some users have reported that simply attaching a USB cable to the i Phone (without connecting to your computer) provides an instant boost in signal strength.

Give i Phone a full charge: The reason for the boost could be due to the reason speculated in the early point.

The RAN or Radio Access Network specifications groups are known as TSG RAN.

This is split into six working groups: RAN WG1 to RAN WG6. The TSG RAN is responsible for the definition of the functions, requirements and interfaces associated with the radio access network, i.e. TSG RAN encompasses both user equipment and base station functionality addressing areas including radio performance, physical layer, layer 2 and layer 3 RR specification in UTRAN/E-UTRAN; specification of the access network interfaces (Iu, Iub, Iur, S1 and X2); definition of the O&M requirements in UTRAN/E-UTRAN.

However, it is important to note here that using this method you’ll lose text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, etc which can be restored by simply doing another restore and choosing to push the backup to the phone.

Dock the phone or just attach a USB cable: Some i Phone users have interestingly reported that docking the i Phone or attaching it to a computer via a USB cable can boost signal strength dramatically.The 3GPP Project Coordination Group is the body that oversees the work of the 3GPP Specifications Groups and the Working Groups.The Project Coordination Group meets formally every six months.Place your SIM card again: If your i Phone’s SIM card is not placed properly, it has been observed that it can affect signal strength.So a good idea would be to remove your i Phone’s SIM card by pushing a straightened paper clip into the small hole on the top of the device to open the SIM tray, then check for debris inside the tray or SIM card slot, remove it by blowing into the slot or using compressed air and then placing the SIM card properly and then re-inserting the SIM tray.The 3GPP Specification Groups organisation is summarised in the table below: ** From mid-2016 the work of the GERAN working groups will be amalgamated into the RAN WG5 & 6 groups.

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