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Most of these trophies can be earned easily enough before beating the main story, though for the convenience of the guide, we will assume you've already beaten the story and unlocked all cities.

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Earlier on in the game, there are 2 missions involving the army (again, I don't want to spoil anything) wherein you are able to get 200 bullets for a minigun, and the minigun itself.

One of these missions will give you the gun and 200 bullets by requirement of the story but the other one you will have to look for the gun, though it is easy to find.

If the wrong car spawns, or the car is locked, the best thing to do is either leave the area and come back, or blow the car up, leave, and come back.

This will usually fix the problem, but sometimes is required to be done twice or even three times.

Firstly, this guide is going to assume that you've already beaten the main story campaign of the game as most of the trophies revolve around free roaming / side questing the state of San Andreas.

With that in mind, the first stage of the guide is just the trophies that will unlock during your playthrough of the main story of the game.You pot all of your colors and the black ball at the end first to win, or he does it first and you lose. You can place bets on you winning as you start the game, so if you're feeling confident in your skill, this is an easy way to make some quick money early on in the game.To start a game of pool, simply walk up to the pool table in the bar, approach the man standing near the table holding a pool que, and hit Map location What the building looks like Upon completing the last of Cesar's missions in this area, you will be notified of your ability to deliver cars for exporting.Now you're gonna be mopping up the last bunch of trophies that have so far eluded you on your quest to the glory that is ... Anyway, now your time is almost up, though not really, because this is probably where you'll be spending most of your time with the game outside of the main story.Most of the trophies in this section will take at least a solid hour each, but there are times when you will be able to work your progress towards one of them into helping you out later with another trophy, which will of course, be detailed on the individual trophy's bit.Due to it being the first unlocked venue to play pool in, the opponent is the easiest you will find across the whole game, so it is recommended that you play at this bar so as to avoid as much difficulty as possible.

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