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Moreover, you can also let the app automatically shoot pictures by switching on the auto mode. Super Spy Camera This App features all the functions of other Apps listed so far in this post but interestingly it is free and quite genuine.You can set the toast, control resolution settings and set the camera on auto shooting mode for multiple continuous image capturing.In conjugation with SECu RET Live Stream you can remotely use you Webcam or any other camera for serious surveillance. Mobile Hidden Camera This Android Spy Camera app is the only Spy Cam that is compatible with all the Android Versions fro 1.1 to 4.0.3.

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No shutter or button sounds, and the app automatically sets other phone activities off.

No awkward incoming ringtones or messages that will bust your cover.

However, some lover end devices might have a problem loading live video cam chat.

If you want you can register for more options (free)Your webcam is OFF by default, others can NOT see you! Cam Chat app is built so that it supports almost all the devices out there.

In free public webcam chat you can chat freely and connect with others.

As if all the other things Android can do were not enough, there are apps pouring in which enable your Android smartphone to be used as a spy camera.

This app also lets you preview your images if you wish to and hides it if you don’t.

The app also has a unique feature of Portrait enhancement and face correction with blurred image or low quality images which is inevitable in situations demanding a spy camera. Hidden Camera Spy Camera by Joseph This Android Spy camera does not only capture instant secret photos but also quality videos and audio without anyone knowing it.

All you will see is a black screen with status and free space indicators.

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