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They don't want generalists - having a Master's Degree in International Studies just isn't enough.

If the job requires you to work in Russian, and you can't do that, you aren't going to be interviewed.

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Even in donor countries that host UN offices, such as Germany or Switzerland or the USA, the UN often prefers to hire people from developing countries whenever possible for office roles in those donor countries.

The UN and other international agencies see hiring people from developing countries as investment in those countries.

Most (but not all) postings require people with a Master's degree in a specific area, as well as experience in a particular area of expertise.

That experience can come from professional or volunteer roles.

But much of the above can also be gained locally, right in your own city, by volunteering.

For instance: No matter what country you are in, there are opportunities for you to create and lead, or co-lead, your own community initiative that will both benefit people and/or the environment and will build your skills for employment elsewhere. This is a list of community leadership projects that might lead to a sustainable, lasting benefit to a community or cause, that one could create, as a volunteer.

For instance, in Portland, Oregon, the YWCA has very affordable classes regarding understanding oppression, sexism 101, transgender children and youth, teen dating violence, domestic violence 102, dynamics of poverty, dynamics of batterers, sexual assault dynamics, and safety planning, crisis intervention, advocacy skills learn advocacy skills for safety planning and supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Taking any of these classes would look great on your CV.

The information on this page has been adapted from posts to the Aid Workers Network (AWN) by Graham Wood and Jayne Cravens, as well as various other posters to AWN.

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