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I felt more like Chrissie in my role as a mother.” For 20 years she has been a “stay at home mum”. Ten years ago she set up a tennis academy in Florida with one of her brothers (her father was a player turned coach; all five children were champions).

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“It’ll be another three years at least,” she believes, before another world-class American talent comes through.

And it won’t be one of her sons, because they take after their father: “They are fearless and like extreme sports like skateboarding; tennis is far too gentle for them.” That doesn’t worry her.

“Kirsten walked down the aisle on her own — we were all waiting for her,” Norman said.

“To me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The Australian exchanged vows with Kirsten Kutner, a mother-of-two interior designer from Sydney last week.

Norman said only immediate family were there, with everyone barefoot and dressed in white.“Commentating can be miserable if you don’t have a good team, but it’s a lot of fun if you do and I’m with people who were my friends anyway, so I don’t feel at all competitive,” she says sounding genuinely carefree.Aged 56, she looks terrific in jeans and a T-shirt, an idealised vision of the all-American middle-aged mother with three teenage sons whom she adores.That iron self-control has been called upon recently as she copes with the aftermath of the most disastrous off-court match of her life.On Thursday, at Wimbledon, she found herself in the same place at the same time as her ex-husband, Greg Norman, who came with his new wife, Karen, on his arm.Only 5ft 6in and slender, she doubts if she would have had the power to defeat today’s 6ft-plus or heavily-muscled women.

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