Guide to dating filipinas

That is also where many of the top nightclubs and nightlife in Manila are, it’s also almost like a foreign built city within Metro Manila.

Similar to Makati, it’s mostly clean and very safe.

The malls are your best option, but really anywhere is a good spot to meet a single Filipina.

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If you see a girl that you think is sexy then you can try starting a conversation with her, but if she looks like she isn’t interested you should probably back off fast.

You don’t want to cause her any distress, don’t worry there are plenty of single girls around.

If they look like they are with family, they are best to be avoided, you do not want to upset a family member, especially here in the Philippines. One thing you need to understand is that there is such a major thing that is a problem in the country and that is Filipino Time.

Dating Filipinas is not like dating girls anywhere else. If a girl tells you she will meet you at 3pm, do not be alarmed that she texts you at 8pm saying she has just had a shower and is leaving now.

The extremes from 5 star hotels and people driving BMW’s and just next to that you will see entire families with their children sleeping in the dirt or on cardboard boxes in in the streets.

It is extremely easy to go on a date with a Filipina girl because they speak fluent English which puts them miles ahead of any other Southeast Asians already. The Philippines has a ‘mall’ culture, perhaps because they live in houses without air-conditioning and all the malls here are huge and cheap and very cold due to all having the air conditioning turned up as far as possible and it’s almost like you’re in Antartica sometimes inside there.

If you are looking for some places to go in Makati you could head to Black Market, Royal, or Time.

But these places are very expensive in comparison to almost everywhere else.

Expect drink prices to be more than you pay at your local nightclub at home.

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