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What’s changed is the way the FBI uses its malware capability, deploying it as a driftnet instead of a fishing line.And the shift is a direct response to Tor, the powerful anonymity system endorsed by Edward Snowden and the State Department alike.

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They use it themselves, but when their targets hide behind the system, it poses a serious obstacle.

Last month, Russia’s government offered a $111,000 bounty for a method to crack Tor.

The warrants authorized the FBI to modify the code on the servers to deliver the NIT to any computers that accessed the sites.

The judge also allowed the FBI to delay notification to the targets for 30 days.

Agents at the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ national police force had decided to crack down on online child porn, according to an FBI affidavit.

To that end, they wrote a web crawler that scoured the Dark Net, collecting all the Tor onion addresses it could find.The bureau calls the method an NIT, for “network investigative technique,” and the FBI has been using it since at least 2002 in cases ranging from computer hacking to bomb threats, child porn to extortion.Depending on the deployment, an NIT can be a bulky full-featured backdoor program that gives the government access to your files, location, web history and webcam for a month at a time, or a slim, fleeting wisp of code that sends the FBI your computer’s name and address, and then evaporates.They logged in and began poking around, eventually finding the server’s real Internet IP address in Bellevue, Nebraska.They provided the information to the FBI, who traced the IP address to 31-year-old Aaron Mc Grath.This NIT was purpose-built to identify the computer, and do nothing else—it didn’t collect keystrokes or siphon files off to the bureau. In a two-week period, the FBI collected IP addresses for at least 25 visitors to the sites.

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