Hacked chat webcam

He quickly detached the webcam, but he had to re-install his operating system after he found malware installed on his computer.

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I would suggest focusing on keeping your software up to date so that your computer is more secure.

You could also enable a firewall (there should be a built-in one you can enable in your control panel).

It calculates based on the height of the camera and the tilt of the phone or tablet.

The only thing you have to do is set the correct camera height.Of course, you also have to factor in whether or not you're standing on anything.For example, if you're standing on a box or step that's 1-foot high and the object is on the ground, you need to set the camera height to 6' 2" or 74".Once you have the height, you move the measurement box on the screen to fit the object you're measuring and you're done.It takes a little practice, but soon you'll be measuring everything around you very easily.With this clever app, you can measure nearly anything from small items inside your home to objects like buildings and more.

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