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The average dowry you would expect to pay for an educated young woman would from ,000 - ,000, though some ask for up to ,000 and more.

More than ,000 for a university educated Thai bride is excessive.

However, you should be able to tell if the girl you have chosen feels the same about you.

In Thailand, boys and girls want each other to be the first for each other when they marry, just as with eastern young people in general, the male wants to be the first man for his girlfriend, while the female wants to be the last woman for her boyfriend.

In Thai society, men and women are not traditionally used to displaying acts of affection in public, such as kissing or even holding hands.

It is generally not acceptable for Thai boys and girls to stay overnight together unless they are with others in a group.

However, likely because of exposure to western TV and movies and also the internet, these norms are being broken, and young Thais now openly show those signs of affection that are commonplace in the west.

One of the major problems when western and traditional eastern cultures meet is in the way that men and women regard each other.

For example, even today, sex before marriage is frowned upon in Thailand, and is not a normal occurrence.

The following are some reasons for young Thai females agreeing to marry foreigners.

They may also involve feelings of love, but because of their culture it is important that you understand these things: Most Thai girls believe Western men to be rich, and has already been stated, this is often the case in terms of relating the average earnings of a Westerner with the average Thai male.

It is intended as a gesture of honor to the Thai bride's family for bringing her up well.

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