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According to a September 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were reported in the United States in 2016 — the highest cumulative number ever recorded.

As I’ve reported, apps can help urge users to get tested at regular intervals anddisclose information about their STD status to their sex partners, and can distribute information about STD clinics and condoms.

But the revelations reported by Buzz Feed may hamper these efforts — at a key moment in the increasingly urgent fight against STDs.

“And this information, unlike the HIV data, was sometimes shared via ‘plain text,’ which can be easily hacked,” Ghorayshi and Ray wrote.

Justin Lehmiller, a sex and psychology researcher at the Kinsey Institute, was not surprised by the news, given the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook.

5) Pos Date Pos Date’s 100% free basic membership allows users to browse the site, view profiles and send flirts to potential boos.

According to the website’s About Me section, Pos Date is “focused on providing a secure online dating platform for those members who have HIV” and is “dedicated to helping [users] find [their] next husband or wife!

Add Grindr to the list of companies with creepy data-sharing practices: The gay dating network is revealing information about its users’ HIV status with third-party companies.

According to a Buzz Feed News report by Azeen Ghorayshi and Sri Ray, Grindr furnished two companies, Apptimize and Localytics, with data on users’ HIV status and the last date they were tested for the virus.

But “this is a different breach of user trust than anything else I’ve seen recently because it involves sharing sensitive health information along with identifiable data,” he said.

Sharing STD information is dangerous not just for the people who risk having their personal data exposed, he added.

” Living with HIV doesn’t mean that you have to live a life without love.

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