Hk speed dating

Pricing The price of our matching service may vary according to different packages but we always guarantee a reasonable and one-off price.

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How It Works Normally each table has one man and one lady or two men and two ladies. When time is up, all participants should end their conservations.

The gentlemen will move to the next table while ladies will remain seated.

Then the second round of conservations will start, and the speed dating will end when each lady has talked to every gentlemen, and vice versa.

Everyone can talk about whatever topic they feel interested in.

Contacts Exchange At the beginning of the event, all people need to install our mobile app first.

It will show all participants' names in the app so participants can check the box of any person they like.

Screening Initial matching will be done through a computerized screening system.

Then our FEVER Match team of professional consultants will review and discuss the proposed matches and make changes as deemed necessary.

Normally there will be a free mingle session at the end of the event in which all participants can exchange their contact information.

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