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This made her blush some more, and for the first time I noticed her nipples had grown at least two inches through her tube top. You might as well just sit down and have a beer.” Anne Marie sighed and as she walked to the table she tried to pull her skirt down over her exposed thighs.

John looked at me and said he hoped I remembered what he said earlier (about not being responsible for his actions). My wife was furious with us as we wouldn’t let her in on our little private joke, but she had to stop pouting to get up to answer the phone.

I had invited a good friend of mine named John to come hang out, drink a few beers and smoke a joint.

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When Anne Marie came back in the room, she took the seat next to John (slut?

), and after smoking a joint the flirting and sex talk started up.

She was obviously going for her “slut look” tonight, as she knows that is my favorite (I am so fucking lucky).

She immediately noticed John sitting at the table, and her hand shot up to her mouth as she mumbled something I couldn’t understand.

She had begun fantasizing about being taken by a man while I am forced to sit back and watch.

The following is an account of the first time Anne Marie ventured into the “slutwife” lifestyle.

After she would cum though, she would always say she didn’t think she could ever really fuck him because he was too cocky and conceited.

I figured that these feelings were perfect for her desire to be “taken” by a man.

She has awesome long legs, and a playboy bunny ass.

Her breasts are small and firm, and her nipples are incredibly long and sexy when she is turned on.

This story took place about 14 years ago…My wife and I have since dove head first into the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle.

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