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IBM's corporate and investing history comes in several distinct phases -- not surprising for a company its age.

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Even its nickname, Big Blue, conjures images of the company's vaunted history among America's business elite.

IBM's history contains far more wins than losses; a company couldn't exist for over a century otherwise.

steered IBM's business toward mainframe computing, a move with immense benefits for the company. transitioned out of active management in 1971, IBM had grown to 258,662 employees and $7.2 billion in annual revenues.

The following years saw mainframe computing give way to personal computers, and IBM played a central role in the early part of the PC business.

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IBM data by YCharts But the blame lies with past leadership as much as with Rometty.

A company as large as IBM takes years, not quarters, to reconfigure its revenue mix.

Doing so gives them the best of both worlds: the business benefits of Maximo’s advanced asset management capabilities, and the ability to preserve existing investments in SAP systems.

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