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depending on your printer requirements is well it may be an idea to remove all mapping of printers and just map the default printer or send the print job directly to a print server Also you may also want to look at Speed Screen in the Farm settings and also in Policies to compress graphics.Hope this helps The only proper and correct answer is - "It depends". You will get no more authoritative answer than this.That is why the standard Citrix answer is "It Depends" (as you saw on the slide decks).

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Then analyze, retest, remeasure and reanalyze until you have YOUR optimum solution.

Then what works for you, your users, your environment and your applications will not work for anyone else.

Thanks Carl, Those slide decks were very helpfull in terms of designing an bandwidth friendly Citrix farm.

What do you use as a rough rule of thumb for a user who has access to a hosted/published desktop and will want to use universal print driver, hdx & view large amount of graphical content like pdf's with images, and powerpoint slides with images.

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