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The Topol has a maximum range of 10,000 km (6,215 miles), and can carry one 550-kiloton nuclear warhead.

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The Ministry of Defence needs to save about £350 million annually for the next three years to stay in budget, which is only possible if projects are shelved or cancelled.

Navy set to reduce its flotilla of nuclear submarines IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent, The Herald, December 6, 2007 The Royal Navy plans to reduce its flotilla of nuclear-powered patrol submarines to just seven - fewer than half of the number available at the time of the Falklands War - amid growing speculation over a swingeing new round of defence budget cuts.

Britain has one of the world's largest defense budgets, and it has been rising on an annual basis.

Treasury seeks £15 billion cut in defence Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor, The Telegraph, December 6, 2007 The defence budget could be cut by up to £15 billion over the next decade under Treasury plans which are said to have split the Cabinet.

Chris Huhne's outspoken opposition to Trident has garnered significant support from the Party's grassroots supporters and although perceived as the underdog throughout the campaign, he came within 500 votes of the winner, Nick Clegg.

Under pressure because of his support for Trident replacement, Clegg has tried to demonstrate his disarmament credentials by writing to NATO to oppose the Government's recent announcement that Menwith Hill (which is not far from Clegg's Yorkshire constituency) will play a key role in US missile defence plans (see Proliferation in Parliament, July - August 2007).

"We need a complete rethink on how the entire defence budget is spent.

Britain's defense: All at sea Paul Rogers, Open Democracy, December 10, 2007 There is an argument over the size of Britain's military budget. A stark contrast between reality and perception in the discussion of the United Kingdom's defense policy is becoming increasingly visible.

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