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So I was going to hide somewhere and wait the party out. "I think you've outgrown the alien suit." "You look like you're drowning in that thing," I said to her. "Yeah, it's hot in here too." She took a drink, and we were both quiet for a while. I was pressed against her backside, and my crotch was lined up right at her ass.

But when we got to our friends' house, there were already a ton of people there. I groaned inwardly and went inside with my parents and my older sister. It was a little embarrassing, but I quickly reached behind me and zipped the suit up. "Just start walking and I'll follow your lead." She stepped forward, pulling my leg with hers. It must have looked funny on the outside, but no one was paying attention to us.

She wore this big tiger suit to the party, which was way too big for her. Suddenly Erin stopped walking, and just stood there. I'm's not you..." "Well of course it's me," she said.

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She had a drink in her hand, which she could barely hold through her tiger costume. I unzipped the costume and shut the door behind us. I watched in total shock as she kicked them off and stood before me completely naked. "I don't think it would help me any." We stood there quietly, in front of the bathroom sink, crushed against each other.

"But I'm not wearing much under here either." She shrugged. " I took another look at her panties, and the shapely ass inside of them, and immediately took the suit off, glancing around to make sure no one could see us.

I gave her all I had, and we both stayed locked together, completely spent.

Finally, I stood up and withdrew my dick from my sister. Let's see what it's like to walk all the way home in this thing." "Who knows, we might have to stop and rest." We both smiled.

We both breathed in relief a bit, after being closed up inside the hot tiger suit. "Are you going to stand in the hallway in that suit? I had always thought she had a great body before, but to see her naked like this was so much hotter! We were both breathing heavier, and Erin was clenching her ass around my dick. I thrust my dick further up her ass crack, and then slid back down. I did it again, and she again responded with increased arousal.

Before I could say anything, Erin stepped out of the suit completely and went for the toilet. It'll give us away." She lifted the lid and pulled her panties down, right in front of me. She paused for a second, as if to give me a full view. Then she climbed in the suit and once again our bodies were pressed together as we zipped up. I instinctively thrust my hips forward, and she pressed back against me. I began sliding up and down between her ass cheeks, fucking her ass without any penetration.I couldn't help but stare at her, she didn't even try to cover herself up. She just stood there, looking down at where my crotch was. "Don't say anything, just take your shorts off," she said. Of course, it felt completely different being naked, my dick burying itself between Erin's ass cheeks. She braced herself against the countertop, leaning forward while I thrust into her ass.She sat on the toilet, her eyes wandering to my crotch. Erin finished and washed her hands, and then came back over to me. I had the suit covering me, but it was obvious she was looking where my erection was. I was too shocked to argue, and I instantly complied. She felt much warmer too, and as we adjusted to each other again, I know I felt her move herself against me more sensually. It felt great, and I was already so hot from seeing her naked that I felt my loins stir. She was so hot and wet, before I knew it I was all the way in.She was two years older than me, and was kind of a health nut. The mask was a little bit of a tight fit, and my face ended up in her hair, but I was too distracted by the feel of her body pressed against mine to really care. Having her warm skin touching me all over was exciting.She was always watching what she ate, and she probably had the best body I had ever seen because of it. She adjusted to the feel of both of us inside the suit. The feel of her body crushed against mine was starting to turn me on.Sign up at Adult Friend to access our thriving sex community and satiate your need for amazing sexual experiences.

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