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To make matters worse, during this time, the couple were also trying to adopt a child.Julia's friend was privy to the most private details of her marriage - for example, when she rowed with her husband or when things became tough because of the adoption.

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If you can't get over your partner's affair, it is easy to think the pain is too great and you need to split up.

However, I've spent 30 years working with couples in crisis and have a message of hope.

HE'S CHEATED WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND This is one of the most hurtful acts of infidelity.

After all, the two people you trust the most are your partner and your best friend. This was the case for Julia, who sought my help after discovering her husband had a two-year affair with her friend.

Take the wife who came to me when she discovered at eight months' pregnant that her husband was addicted to internet porn and was having countless one-night stands with women he met online.

Or the man who overheard his wife having graphic phone sex.Chaos breeds chaos - and my clients or their partners are often merely replicating the same break-ups and betrayals that characterised their childhood.Another simple phenomenon making modern infidelity harder to deal with is this: men and women are much more likely to be friends today.It's not that there's something fundamentally wrong with your marriage, but you have been so profoundly hurt that you need extra help and to learn special skills to find a way through.Trust me, I've witnessed how bad a marriage can get.And the services of prostitutes are often just a click away, thanks to widely used pornography websites that carry adverts for sex workers.

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